Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive.


What details can I add into the maps?

You can add text boxes, lines, mark areas and dots. You can also choose from a black and white map, or a map in normal navigation colors.

Can I choose scale on the map?

No, per today, all the maps are in 1:50 000, but let’s hear if you have any other wishes. We continuously strive to improve the functionality for our customers.

How do I share my map?

At the top of the screen (after you have started the design process) you have the opportunity to show the link to your map. This allows you to select, right-click and copy. Please send it to your loved ones, or save it so that you can return to your map later.

Can I create a map outside Nordic contries?

No, today we only have map data for Norway and all areas outside Norway will be white. This is something we plan to change. Give us some time and we’ll get there too.

What payment options are available?

Today we only offer payment by credit card (VISA and Mastercard), but within a short time you can also use Vipps.


What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE for all who provide delivery address in Norway or Sweden. If you wish to have the map delivered to other countries, the cost the logistics operator will require for the shipment is added to your total price.

When do I get the map in the mail?

Your order will be sent to a printing company, that we cooporate with, immediately. The printing company will print and send the map to you as soon as possible after completing the order. How quickly the printing company can print and send out the map will vary depending on their backlog. The time to delivery now, is about two weeks, but it can also take longer time. Therefore, order the map well in advance of your trip.

My map has been damaged in transit, what do I do?

Send the map in return. We will help you when we receive the return.

Which carrier is used?

It is PostNord that is used as a carrier. After ordering, you will receive information about the shipment directly.

I live outside Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, can I still have my order sent to me?

No, today we can only offer delivery within the Nordic region. Use the contact form and let us know if you think we should change this!


What products do you offer?

We offer Outdor maps and wall maps. The outdooor maps are printed on a weather-proof material. They tolerate tough use in nature and it can get wet. If you are going to use the map in rainy weather or in a humid and weathered environment, we recommend that you use a map folder. The wall maps are printed on a nice material and look exclusive both with and without frames.

What do you mean by “wall map”?

A nice map printed on a great paper. The map is printed in “portrait” paper direction and has no cover page. The map can get a heading that you customize yourself if you wish. The maps are delivered in a roll so you do not have fold lines in your map.

What do you mean by “outdoor map”?

“Outdoor map” means a map that is adapted for use on a trip outdoors. The map has legend, front and back and is delivered folded.

Can I trust the maps ?

The map data we use is provided by the Norwegian Mapping Authority and is the same as used to create traditional maps. Customers customize the map and we do not quality assure each map beyond this. We do not issue any warranty.

Does the outdoor map tolerate rain?

The outdoor maps are printed on a weatherproof material (Pretex®). They tolerate tough use in nature and it can get wet. If you are going to use the map in rainy weather or in a humid and weathered environment, we recommend that you use a map folder.


How much do the maps cost?

We have chosen to give a good prize in the start-up phase to fully test the service. The price of a outdoor map printed on a weatherproof material is 249 NOK in the launch phase. A map printed on thicker paper and is ideal for hanging on the wall is 299 NOK in the launch phase. These prices include shipping in Norway!

I need more than one copy, do you have a quantity discount?

The prices stated are fixed and no discount is given. If you want a quantity larger than 50 maps, we would like for you to contact us in the contact form, so we can evaluate the posibility for a discounted price.


I need help, how do I get in touch with support?

Please use the contact form on the front page.

How can I provide feedback?

Please use the contact form on the front page.

Is there an open purchase on the products?

No, the maps are customer-designed and therefore we can not offer open purchases.

Does MapItEasy have a physical store?

No, MapItEasy exists only as an online store.