MapItEasy was founded in 2016 by two outdoor enthusiasts. They were not satisfied with the posibilities to find hiking maps that matched the trips they were going on. The large map provider companies had chosen area for the buyer, which makes it inconvenient and expensive if one is hiking in areas located at the outer edge of the map. The founders experienced this for several of the hiking trips they were going on, and they had to buy two, three, even four maps to go on short trips. They decided to do something about this problem. They developed an online solution from where the customer can choose to senter the map anywhere. They also wanted that the customer should be able to draw hiking routes, add text and highlight areas so that the customer could get their very own custom maps.

After a long application process they got some grants from Innovation Norway. They invested their own savings and got to work. The two worked both day and night, in parallel with family and other jobs. Being entrepreneurial part-time is no joke. They believed in the idea. They thought that making it easy to buy a map that is adapted to the customer’s own needs, would make it possible for more people to get out and enjoy nature.

The two founders are passionate about maps and outdoor activities, and the opportunity to make great customer-designed wall maps were integrated into the solution. Perfect for for cabin owners who want a map with the lodge centered in the map.

Focus on simplicity applied at all levels and the result was an easy online solution with the possibility of ordering functional and beautiful maps that come directly to your mailbox.